We supply a wide range of balustrades in different styles and materials from Blade Pillars, Square Pillars, Round Pillars, Sail Pillars to Woodwork.

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We manufacture staircase structures, landings and mezzanine floors. Staircases can be done with all pillar types with wood or stainless steel handrails.

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Stainless Steel

We supply a wide range of affordable quality stainless steel fittings from Clevis fork turnbuckles to Swaged Button heads.

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We specialize in high quality and customized woodwork projects for commercial and residential applications including balustrades, fences and gates.

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Water Features

We supply a wide range of laminar flow water features produced in stainless steel that can be purchased as off the shelf items to use in your building or water feature design.

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We can also produce stainless steel railings and bars to order, and supply a range of high quality imported marine products, from fridges to miscellaneous fittings.